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The company, the family,
the rice field.

Long-term cooperation of generations

Valoryz is a family business: the quality of products and services are ensured through continuous development, the application of the latest technologies and the establishment of long-term partnerships.

Károly Valentinyi came across rice first in the middle of the 1980’s when he was designing rice fields plantations and later he started to grow rice with the help of Zsuzsanna Árvai and Orsolya Molnár. He built his own plant to be able to produce and process proper quality rice and the family business operating since 1993 started to carry out rice processing in 2002. In addition to processed goods, The owners of Valoryz also take part in the development of base material: the company has also participated in the maintenance of the variety of rice: “Fruzsina M”, one of its registered varieties, is already in production. By now the company is under the joint management of Károly Valentinyi and his daughter Fruzsina Valentinyi.


The future goal of Valoryz is to ensure continuous capacity increase, the innovative technological development of the processing plant and the production of additional modern, rice-based products.

Quality rice in the heart of Central Europe

By utilizing the natural values ​​of the Carpathian Basin, we represent not only our products and services. We believe it is important for people to get to know the history of the Hungarian rice growing and the Körös region.

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